I had to talk about Pottermore!
It's now open to everybody, I was so excited when it opened because first of all and the more important was that my friends were able to join in (I entered in the beta version).
My name is FlooOwl192 and I'm a  Hufflepuff. I'm happy with the site, we had a lot of problems but I think that everthing is solved now.  One of the things that let me angry it has to be people who can't respect the house they're put in.
Add me and let me know what you think =)
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Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Mall

I have to admit that thousand of times, I wished I had her guts to start dancing like this in a mall.
Dancing is a way to let go of your problems and it makes you feel better.
Everyone should dance, it's a great therapy ! 
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War Horse

Steven Spielberg made a good damn job.
I read this book when I was a child, and from what I remember I have to say the movie made me feel the same emotions.
When I decided to see it, I didn't know it was based on the book, but when the movie started I was certain that the story was the same, it had to be based on the book. Not even every director, screen writers can tell that they could make the readers happy.

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