I miss you!

Since I started my classes at University I hadn't time to come here ... and it's sad. 
I'm taking my master degree and I have little time to myself and to social life. 


Holidays are almost over

These two months has been a nerve racking for myself ... but I tried to stay positive. You have to when there are other things to enjoy. Here are some my summer pics. Hope you enjoy


Don't Break The Chain

Exams are coming, what's best than make some breaks on youtube.... So I was seeing Charlie, and I got inspired by the video Don't break the chain. And I think I could try to do the same for my workout exercises. Because I'm a little bit lazy, sometimes I just don't do them, and this could be a way for me to get motivate.

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I'm back

I have been away because in these last days I was in Coimbra, celebrating Queima das Fitas. It's a week where we celebrate the end of the year, it's full of tradition regarding how many years you're studying... If you want to know more ask me !
My second Year
My third year

My forth year



I had to talk about Pottermore!
It's now open to everybody, I was so excited when it opened because first of all and the more important was that my friends were able to join in (I entered in the beta version).
My name is FlooOwl192 and I'm a  Hufflepuff. I'm happy with the site, we had a lot of problems but I think that everthing is solved now.  One of the things that let me angry it has to be people who can't respect the house they're put in.
Add me and let me know what you think =)
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Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Mall

I have to admit that thousand of times, I wished I had her guts to start dancing like this in a mall.
Dancing is a way to let go of your problems and it makes you feel better.
Everyone should dance, it's a great therapy ! 
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War Horse

Steven Spielberg made a good damn job.
I read this book when I was a child, and from what I remember I have to say the movie made me feel the same emotions.
When I decided to see it, I didn't know it was based on the book, but when the movie started I was certain that the story was the same, it had to be based on the book. Not even every director, screen writers can tell that they could make the readers happy.

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My new obsession is Simon's Cat. I can't stop laughing every time I see a new video. 
The draws are amazing, and very original ... You'll fall in love by him.
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Nowhere Boy

Nowhere Boy is a film about the young John Lennon, and I have to say a damn good one. 
Aaron Johnson show how good actor he is, he has the same charm that John had ... It's just a brilliant performence. 


Me and Myself - part I

Even If I wanted to say it, I could never say it ! It wouldn't be fair for anyone. Then I would become selfish... And I'm always thinking about the others.

So Shut the fuck up! Swallow those feeling and hope for the best. 




I have been away... I lost my track. 
Sometimes I loose myself in my problems, forgeting what I like and what my dreams are. 
But Life doesn't stop
the Show Must Go On ! 


no words

How can a person not believe in destiny, when she tries to make her own path and in every end, it's always the same door? It’s a sign to just give up, to feel defeated and to accept this and thinking that maybe it’ll open new doors?

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Restless was the last movie I saw, wich I loved. It's a story about a relationship between a terminally ill teenage girl and a boy who likes to attend funerals and has a ghost of a Japanese kamikaze as his friend.

This that make you think, that some times we are lucky and above all that we have most of the time we don't make what we really love.