Be or not to be

Today I have an important question...

Co-CEO or Vice-president, which one would you write in your CV?
I found out that Co-CEO sounds bigger.

Watch out. HR Advice. 


Today's the day

I miss my blog, and now most of all I need my space. 
What has change? I'm doing an internship. 
What a life ... 



Cut deep, deep enough
For all I care, you won’t stand a chance 
Fall into the deep, deep enough
For all I care, you’re already falling
Swim deep, deep enough
For all I care, you’ll see the shore.


Martin Schoeller

He's just brilliant as a photographer, he can capture the essence of who he shoots! That's why he's known by the "hyper-detailed close ups". Look to some of his work:

Kiss Kiss 


My mind

Sometimes I wish I could go far ... but then I remember I can’t, I just can’t. I have to take care of you, and if I stay to long far you’re going to miss me and feel lonely. I would not bear with the feeling of being responsible for your breakdown! I don’t have kids … sometimes I feel that I have 4, on my own. And this is too heavy, too heavy.
Kiss Kiss



Seeing them talk like this you can feel theirs passion.
I thought it would be interesting to say the first time I saw them in a film/tv-series and in which film/tv-series I think they were at theirs best.
I saw  Rupert Friend in Pride and Preducie, but I really loved him at Young Victoria.
I saw Aaron Johnson in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and I loved him at Nowhere boy.
I saw Eddie Redmayne Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and I loved him at Birdsong.
I saw Ben Wishaw at Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and I loved him in this role.

Kiss Kiss


Rainy Mood

If you're having exams and you want to study and focus just click here : Rainy Mood !
A friend of mine, introduced me this website and I have to say it's great.
I don't know it it happens to you but if I listen music, I start to sing them instead of read. But I can't study without having sounds surrounding me !